Commercial Solutions

Commercial Hardware Products and Services

Whether you own a small storefront business, shop, or large industrial plant we have the right hardware to suit the needs of your business. Our services range from rekeying to master keying, and setup/maintenance of large master key systems and security upgrades.

We can perform installations and maintenance of most equipment such as: entrance sets, lever sets, panic bars (latched, vertical rod or concealed vertical rod), door closers, blocker plates, keyless entry, padlocks and access control.

What grade of hardware should I choose

The grade that hardware receives is directly related to both the quality of the product and how many times it can be cycled before wearing out. Each product has a different cycle test count to determine its grade. However, the simplest explanation is that Grade 1 is a superior product, and will out perform Grade 2 and Grade 3 (residential) hardware.

The vital question to be answered when determining which grade of hardware to install is how often the door will be used. Doors which are more frequently used are the ones to put heavy duty Grade 1 hardware on. Although other doors may not be used as often, you may find a higher grade is desired for either quality or uniformity. Also keep in mind the door specifications (weight, material, interior/exterior); as this will also affect the recommended grade of lock that could be installed.

Acess Control Systems

Access control systems monitor and control a persons access to a given area within a certain timeframe. Because keys are duplicated easily, access control is the best way to audit who is coming and going and who is attempting to access areas they don't have the authority to enter.

When choosing access controls some factors to consider are:

  • How large is your operation?
  • What type of hardware is needed? (i.e. a door in a high traffic area)
  • Are there varying levels of access required?
  • How many employees are there?
  • Does there need to be accommodation for future expansion?

With a traditional master key system (strictly mechanical locks & keys), if one key is lost or duplicated, all the locks would need to be rekeyed. This can be quite costly and time consuming. Electronic access control uses computers to solve the limitations of mechanical locks and keys.

Flexibility and usability are basic components of every access control system with each one having its own set of pros and cons. Come in today to speak to a professional about the various options available for your access control needs.