Ethical Conduct

Lock Outs

Life is busy, and at times we get preoccupied with what we are doing and lock ourselves out of our own property. Although aggravating and sometimes embarrassing, you can rest assured that Active Lock and Safe takes the proper precautions to ensure only the rightful owner gets control of such property. By providing us with identification, we are able to ascertain your identity and right to your property. Just remember, although it may seem like a bothersome task to provide us with this information and identification; you wouldn't want us to open your property and hand control over to just anyone.

"DO NOT COPY" keys

For your security, duplication of keys stamped DO NOT COPY or DO NOT DUPLICATE require written authorization on business letterhead or purchase order before complying with your request.

Restricted Keys & Control Cards

Certain key systems, including all high security systems, use a level of key control to determine who is allowed to get keys duplicated. Only the authorized account holder may have keys made, or make changes to the current records we have on file.

Photo Identification Requirements

We require current photo identification when performing any open up for home, business, or auto. This is a mandatory requirement, and information may be passed over to the Police upon request, should a situation be suspicious and result in criminal investigation. If you are unable to provide some means of identification we will not be able to assist you when opening locked property.

Key Records

We are asked occasionally by customers if we keep their house keys on file every time we do a rekey; and the answer is always NO. Only certain controlled key systems are kept on file when requested by the customer for future expansion in large master key systems.

Safe Combination Records

Active Lock and Safe DOES NOT keep safe combination records. The level of liability is too great and we don't feel the need to keep such a record. All customer requests for us to keep safe and vault combinations on hand will be DENIED.

Insurance & Licensing

Active Lock and Safe is in full compliance with Government regulations regarding licensing and insurance.

Sharing Information

We will never share your information with anyone. All information collected during the course of business is kept strictly confidential and under lock and key.