High Security

Locks are your first line of defence against burglars. When it comes to locks, your home or business is most at risk of a break-in if you:

  • have never changed your locks
  • have multiple copies of your key(s) in circulation
  • have standard locks that do not protect against attack or prevent unauthorized key duplication

Why buy high security locks?

While nothing is 100% failsafe, pick and drill resistant locks slow a burglar down. This gives an alarm system more time to alert the authorities. As well, high security locks come with specialized keys (restricted key control) that require your authorization to make copies. Have you ever been asked for ID when having a key duplicated at a hardware store? High security keys can only be duplicated by a professional locksmith.

In Your Home:

While installing high security locks on all exterior doors to your home is a good first step, some tips to keep in mind are:

  • change all locks when moving into a new house or apartment
  • be careful when giving out keys to your home - only give keys to a few trusted people
  • do not leave spare keys in obvious places (i.e. under doormats or flower pots)
  • do not have ID tags on your key ring with personal information such as your name or address
  • if your keys are lost or stolen, have your locks changed or rekeyed

In Your Business:

Main points of entry and all exterior doors should be installed with high security locks. High security locks may also be used on interior doors, as well as filing cabinets and desks. It is also recommended to use high security padlocks on outbuildings and storage areas. These can be keyed the same as your main building(s).

In a business, it is wise to change your locks if you:

  • have just fired an employee
  • have keys lost or stolen
  • have just moved into a new building.

Some additional security tips to keep in mind for your business are:

  • keep a record of who has copies of the keys to your business
  • make sure no one can copy your key(s) without your knowledge or permission.

Here at Active Lock & Safe we have an extensive inventory of high security locks. Come in and talk to a professional about which product would be best for your home or business.