Locked Out? We can help!!!

Active Lock and Safe provides rapid response times and hassle free open-ups so you can get back to your schedule and on with your life. Currently we offer the following open-up services:

  • Residential Homes
  • Bedrooms
  • Businesses/Storefronts
  • Desk and Office Furniture
  • Automobiles
  • Safes and Vaults
  • Safety Deposit Boxes1

Please contact us to arrange an open-up.

1Safety deposit box openups require written authorization from your financial institution. Please contact them directly for this service.

Schlage SecureKey Locks

Due to the nature of the internal mechanisms and principles that these locks operate on, traditional opening methods are often unsuccessful. This means that typically to open these locks they must be destroyed and therefore will also require replacement.

Are these locks better than standard pin tumbler? No. They simply employ different methods of locking and are actually similar to automotive security. It doesn't mean they can't be defeated easily nor does it mean they provide higher levels of security rather they remain on the same level as other grade 3 residential hardware.

Schlage SecureKey

Wesier/Kwikset Smart Locks

Just like the Schlage SecureKey system mentioned above these locks use the same type of system to lock and unlock. However, as technology changes and improves so do the tools used to open them and currently we may be able to open some of these Smart Locks with no damage.

This new process is an additional charge above the service call rates quotes over the phone and is typically half the cost of a new lock (which would need to be replaced if it had to be drilled open).

Weiser/Kwikset SmartLock