Residential Solutions

Consider Upgrading

When choosing hardware for your home you must choose wisely. Although residential grade hardware (Grade 3) is much more economical than Grade 1 or 2 you need to ask yourself "Am I willing to compromise my home security, family, and possessions for the sake of saving a few dollars?"

In this day and age we often get what we pay for, and for that little bit extra, you can vastly improve the security and durability of the equipment you arm your doors with. It is not uncommon to see commercial grade (Grade 2) or even industrial grade (Grade 1) hardware on a home or apartment. Perhaps the only downside to the increase in security and quality is the limited number of styles and finishes (colors) available, but it's a compromise many people are willing to make.

If you are interested in upgrading commercial or industrial hardware for your home please click here. Even if you feel that an upgrade is not necessary, we have a large inventory of products for you to choose from both in stock and equipped on our mobile units.

Should I rekey my new home

When you first move into a new home you need to consider that the previous owners had keys to the house and those keys were copied and no one knows exactly where they all are. The simple solution is to rekey your home to a new key code, giving you control over who has access to your home and possessions. This is an essential service we provide multiple times a day for our customers. Even if you need to regain control your current property by having it rekeyed, we can certainly help you out. Two service options are available, as you may either bring your locks in to our shop to be rekeyed; or we can come to you!

Keyless Entry

Active Lock and Safe is committed to helping you simplify your life and can help you with all your keyless entry needs. Whether you are looking for mechanical or electronic keyless entry, you can count on us for the most accurate consultation of your situation and what products would be right for you.

Extras and Novelties

Besides the basics of key duplication we offer one of the largest selections of Fun Keys in Western Canada. We also have extras for you such as: door wraps, bolt buddies, padlocks (keyable to your house key), key hiders, door guardians, patio pins, scar plates, and hasps to name a few! Come in today to see our large selection of these items and much more.